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Do you want to travel by plane from the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany?

… book a flight!

Flights to the airport of Ancona

If you book early, there are plenty of flights. About a 2-hour flight and then another 20 minutes by car to Santa Maria Nuova. If your holiday is very short and you want to stay exclusively at the accommodation, you can choose to be picked up and taken away by the Il Posto Perfetto shuttle service. This is possible for 40 euros per ride. For a taxi, you pay a minimum of 65 euros per ride.

How to get a cheap flight to Ancona?

A very quick and useful site is 

On this site, you can type in Ancona and the airport you are coming from. You can see the prices of car rental from the airport in addition to comparing various flight tickets and book directly. Sunny Cars is a good rental company as all insurances are included in the price, but there are plenty of other providers too. You can also find hotels on the same site where you can spend a night, should there not be a place at Il Posto Perfetto on that day.

Most direct flights to Ancona are from Eindhoven, Düsseldorf (Weeze) and Brussels (Charleroi). It all depends on what is available at the time. On Fridays in high season, there are often cheap direct flights from Brussels (Charleroi) to Ancona. It is very handy to search specifically on that. Of course, you can also try other days. From December 2023, you can also book a direct flight to Ancona from Amsterdam via AeroItalia.

Flights to other Italian airports

If Ancona is occupied or too expensive, you can also see other Italian airports nearby on the same skyscanner site. If you compare extensively on this site, you will always find something!

The choice usually falls on Bologna because there are the most flights, but also take a look at other cities listed below. During the high season, there are often cheap direct flights on Saturdays, but there are also interesting offers on other days.

from Eindhoven to Pisa, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Venice.
from Rotterdam to Pisa and Perugia.
from Amsterdam to Verona, Milan, Venice.
from Düsseldorf – Weeze to Pescara, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Venice.
from Brussels – Charleroi to Perugia, Rome, Milan, Venice.

What are the distances from the above airports to Santa Maria Nuova?

Rimini: 100 km. Perugia: 105 km. Pescara: 170 km. Bologna: 215 km. Florence: 275 km. Rome: 285 km. Pisa: 335 km. Verona: 360 km. Venice: 370 km. Milan: 430 km. Bergamo: 460 km.

If you look closely, most distances are quite reasonable! You can also rent a car at these airports.

If you want to go by car, … choose the best route.

The distance from, for example, Eindhoven to Santa Maria Nuova is 1,372 km. You can drive there in one go, but you can also choose to stay overnight along the way, for example in Luzern (700 km) or Como (900 km). Most guests choose the following route: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Strasbourg (France), Basel, Luzern (Switzerland), Como, Milan, Bologna, Ancona, Jesi, Santa Maria Nuova.

It’s better to avoid Germany due to frequently time-consuming roadworks.

If you choose for a direct trip, you can depart around 7 o’clock in the morning and arrive before midnight.

Good luck with your choice and enjoy your trip. Buon viaggio!