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Le Marche is located in central Italy on the east coast near the Adriatic Sea. It borders Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna and Abruzzo.

Italy’s best-kept secret

Le Marche is called “Italy’s best kept secret” and has rolling hills, a beautiful coastline, several towns and villages and plenty of restaurants.

The locals are extremely friendly and approachable and welcome your arrival. As a result, everything feels authentic and you get the real Italy feeling.

It resembles well-known Tuscany, but here it is less touristy. Really an area where many Italians go on holiday themselves. In recent years, however, more and more other tourists have been sneaking in here to enjoy the Marchigian beauty.

The Adriatic coast

Along the 170 km long coastline are beautiful sand and pebble beaches. The Riviera del Conero can be reached within 30 minutes from il Posto Perfetto. There is plenty to do for young and old. Among other things, you can sunbathe, swim, go supping or enjoy a boat trip. A delicious lunch or dinner on the beach is also an option.

Would you rather stroll and shop in the pretty coastal town of Sirolo? That’s also possible.

Villages and towns

Besides sea and beach, there are many picturesque villages and interesting towns. Near Il Posto Perfetto, you can visit Loreto, Corinaldo and Offagna. You will find beautiful large squares with nice bars and restaurants and plenty of interesting museums and churches.

Santa Maria Nuova

From Il Posto Perfetto you can easily reach the picturesque village of Santa Maria Nuova which is only 1.5 km away. You can also walk, then it’s only 700 metres. From the path, you can see the sea in the distance. In Santa Maria Nuova you’ll find several shops and a supermarket.


In the beautiful historic centre of Jesi, you really will find everything. In the fashionable main street you have beautiful shops, where Italians love to stroll late into the evening. There is also a large theatre, several museums and several markets to visit. In the bars and restaurants you can enjoy culinary Italy. Jesi is nearby, just 7 kilometres away.


In the impressive shopping street of Ancona, the capital of the Marches, you will find various shops and boutiques and beautiful squares. Walking a little further into the city, you will find narrow streets with beautiful historical buildings and several churches. You can even find a glimpse of ancient Roman times at the ruins of the old Forum. A little further on, you climb a path of steps to emerge on a hill. From here you can admire Ancona from above, as well as the busy port and coastline. You’ll also visit the city’s cathedral here. All this makes Ancona really worth a visit.

Frasassi caves

Very impressive are the Frasassi caves; the largest cave complex in the whole of Europe. It was discovered in 1970. The largest hall fits Milan’s cathedral; that’s how big it is.


In recent years, the quality and international sales of wines from the Marches have increased considerably. There are an awful lot of vineyards with a total area of 24,000 hectares. There are almost 200 wineries, or cantinas. For many, the Verdicchio is the best-known white wine. Red wines, such as the Rosso Conero, the Rosso Piceno and the Lacrima are also gaining attention.

Via Il Posto Perfetto, you can visit several wineries where you can taste these delicious wines. You will be pleasantly served there and the view over the surrounding vines is eye-opening.


The range of restaurants in Le Marche is huge. Wherever you are, whether on the coast or in a cosy village or town inland, you can go for lunch or dinner. Be surprised by the local cuisine and discover new flavours. Il Posto Perfetto introduces you to the most beautiful places where you can enjoy delicious food and top wines.