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Which restaurants to visit?

Below you can choose several restaurants in the area. Each restaurant has a photo and a short description.

These are restaurants in the immediate area, but also restaurants where you can have a delicious lunch or dinner during a day trip or when you visit the coast.

From top to bottom, you can view 25 restaurants in and around Jesi, Santa Maria Nuova, Offagna, Filottrano, Belvedere Ostrense, Cingoli, Varano, Portonovo, Sirolo, Numana, Senigallia and Ancona.

The address is listed below the name of the restaurant and you can click on the telephone number. It is advisable to make a reservation in advance at each restaurant.

You can also click on the Google Maps link where you can see the route and distance. There you can also see on which days the restaurant is open and what the opening hours are. You will also find information, photos and reviews on Google Maps.

You can also click on the website to get a good impression of the restaurant.

Buon appetito!

Ristorante Braciando
Carne & Dintorni

Via Bagnatore 22 bis, 60035 JESI
0039 – 353 427 81 98

Beautifully situated in the hills of Jesi, only 4.5 km. from Il Posto Perfetto. Various dishes with meat as a specialty, but also tasty antipasti and pastas.
You can sit inside or outside. Antonio, the friendly and professional waiter, is always happy to greet guests of Il Posto Perfetto. Peter is happy to reserve a spot for you.

Ristorante Cibariando
Pesce & Dintorni

Via Montello, 60035 JESI
0039 – 073 129 94 27

A particularly beautiful restaurant near to the shopping street of the historic center of Jesi. They serve fish as a specialty, but also pasta and meat and very good wine. Cibariando has the same Neapolitan owner as ristorante Braciando. Peter will be happy to reserve a spot for you.

Ristorante Con Gusto

Via Antonio Gramsci 23 A, 60035 JESI
0039 – 073 172 03 53

A cozy restaurant near to the historic center of Jesi. Peter’s neighbour Walter and his two sons serve delicious antipasti dishes on wooden planks. One is enough for the two of you. You can choose from cheese with meats, fish or vegetables or a mix of all three. Peter is happy to reserve a spot.

Tabano Ristorante

Via Tabano 26, 60035 JESI
0039 – 335 191 4473

A fantastic menu concept, specialized in juicy meat from Le Marche, Ireland and Argentina. You can also enjoy delicious pasta. The restaurant is located just outside Jesi at the end of a winding country road. You can sit inside or outside. Especially on the outdoor terrace you will experience the real la dolce vita feeling. It’s great! You have to book in advance.

Dejavu Cucina e Pizzeria

Via XXIV Maggio 36, 60035 JESI
0039 – 0731 208832

An indoor and outdoor restaurant, just outside the historic center of Jesi. The great thing about Dejavu is that you can really eat anything there, such as pizzas, pasta, hamburgers, but also various Italian starters and desserts. In summer you can sit comfortably in the courtyard. Book in advance.

Mezzometro Jesi

Via Giacomo leopardi 1, 60035 JESI
0039 – 0731 21 32 90

A varied and spacious restaurant, just outside the historic center of Jesi, where you can sit outside and inside. Known for the half-meter/mezzo-metro pizzas and their richly filled other pizzas with regional products. Very special and delicious. Also a great range of fish and meat dishes and pastas. Also available in gluten-free and lactose-free.

Hostaria Dietro Le Quinte

Piazza della Repubblica 5, 60035 JESI
0039 – 0731 200 807

A chic restaurant in the middle of the historic center of Jesi with delicious fish and meat dishes, vegetables and pasta. All beautiful works of art. The wine list is also presented with great care. Highly recommended to enjoy together in style, inside or outside. Book in advance.

Evoke Bistro

Mura Occidentali 23/A, 60035 JESI
0039 – 377 231 0816

A cozy bistro where you can sit inside or outside in a beautiful ambience. Evoke borders the wall of the historic center of Jesi. You can choose from various tasty prepared dishes from the Le Marche region. Book in advance.

Ristorante Il Bucatino

60035, JESI
0039 – 0731 60 975

A typical Italian restaurant, without frills, where locals like to have a weekly chat with each other. The energetic owner Diego proudly presents his delicious dishes. A combination of three pastes is the best choice. You can sit inside or outside. The experience and atmosphere are fantastic. You can easily reach Il Bucatino via Google Maps. It is located just before Jesi. Book in advance.

Il Torrione

Via Mura Orientali 18,
0039 – 0731 24 55 08

In the center of Santa Maria Nuova you will find Il Torrione. The owner Oscar is Italian, his wife is Korean; that’s why they have pizzas and Korean dishes. You can eat inside the attractive restaurant, but you can also order pizzas and dishes and then pick them up. You are supposed to order or reserve in advance, otherwise it won’t work.

Tango pizza

Piazza del Torrione 13,
0039 – 329 205 4999

Tango is the place to be to enjoy pizzas. You can choose from a considerable range. Tango is also characterized by exceptionally friendly staff. You can simply sit outside to eat your pizza with a cold beer. You can also pick up pizzas. Reservations are not necessary.

Ristorante Il Cresciolo

Via Boccolino di Guzzone 15, 60020 OFFAGNA
0039 – 342 677 33 77

A very good restaurant with refined dishes in the historic center of Offagna. After a beautiful walk you can relax romantically under the drop cloths near the statue of Maria at the entrance of the restaurant. A fantastic place to enjoy the chef’s cooking skills. You have to book in advance.

Ristorante Dalle Donzelle

Via dell’Arengo 33, 60020 OFFAGNA
0039 – 377 159 53 35

A simple, but good restaurant in the center of Offagna. During lunch or dinner you can sit outside on one of the two terraces. They have a rich offering; you can find it on the menu. You can also order only a drink or a coffee with a sandwich. You will be served very friendly by the staff.

D’istinto Bistro in Vigna

Via Monte Gallo 15/A, 60020 OFFAGNA
0039 – 373 776 1397
0039 071 460 9406

This trendy modern restaurant, just outside Offagna, is a must-see. Not only the restaurant, but also the beautiful views of the grape vines from the outdoor terrace are breathtaking. There is also a very nice ambiance inside. Every dish is beautiful and tastes delicious. D’instinto also has its own cantina with very tasty wines. If you want to get a spot, it is best to book in advance. View both websites for a good impression.

Farmhouse La Maddalena

Via Storaco 3, 60024 FILOTTRANO
0039 – 071 722 22 94

You can have a delicious lunch at La Maddalena. You can also visit the restaurant in the evening. It is beautifully situated in the countryside with a view of the old town of Filottrano, which is only 12 km away from Il Posto Perfetto. You can enjoy homemade dishes and delicious wines from the region in the beautifully decorated restaurant or on the cozy outdoor terrace.

Taverna Degli Archi

Via Comune Vecchio 26, 60030 BELVEDERE OSTRENSE
0039 – 073 62 986

In the small historic town of Belvedere Ostrense you will find Taverna Degli Archi, a stylishly decorated restaurant with beautiful vaults and neatly laid tables. They have delicious dishes and nice wines. It is also known as “the restaurant of the blind cook” because the owner has only 30% eyesight. Despite that, he cooks like the best! The service in the restaurant is top. Book in advance.

Albergo ristorante La Pineta

Villa Pozzo 135, 62011 CINGOLI
0039 – 349 341 74 25

If you are near Lago di Cingoli or L’abbazia di Sant’ Urbano or the Frasassi caves, you can visit Albergo Pineta. It’s between Cingoli and Apiro. Here you can have a really fantastic lunch. They have a huge choice of antipasti, primi, secondi, contorni e dolci. You can sit inside or outside.

Agriturismo Rosso Conero di Lucesole

Strada Varano Trave 147, 60131 VARANO (Ancona)
0039 – 071 286 12 04

A fantastic view on Portonovo and also other beautiful views of several villages in the distance, characterize this prime location. You can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at the cozy terrace. Good quality wines are served, bottled at Fattoria Lucesole, which is also part of this nice agriturismo in Varano, near to Ancona. Reservations are necessary.

Ristorante Marcello Portonovo

Via Poggio 9, 60129 PORTONOVO
0039 – 071 80 11 83

If you enter Ristorante Marcello Portonovo on Google Maps, you will arrive at a large parking place. From there it is only 100 meters to the beautiful Portonovo bay, where you can find three tasty fish restaurants; Marcello, Il Molo and Emilia. The best is Marcello, where you can enjoy fresh fish from the sea during lunch or dinner. All chairs and tables are placed on the pebble beach in the evening where you can romantically enjoy the sunset. Really fantastic! During the day you can rent sunbeds at the bay and enjoy the warm and deep crystal clear sea water. You can also make a short walk to the other beautiful Portonovo beach. It’s better to avoid this beautiful place in the weekend, because you often cannot get a parking spot. If you want to go, it’s a good idea to be there around 9.00/9.30 in the morning.

Ristorante da Silvio

Via Saletto 1, 60020 SIROLO
0039 – 071 736 05 07
0039 – 071 933 19 69

The beautifully situated fish restaurant da Silvio, just outside Sirolo, is a magical place to dine; it is located directly above the sea and above the beach of Sassi Neri. You can often see the full moon, romantically reflecting on the water surface. You can get there by car via an unpaved and downhill road. You can park close to the restaurant. After lunch you can easily reach the beach from the restaurant via a staircase and your car is near to you on the parkingplace. They have delicious fresh fish dishes such as mussels, shrimps and other shellfish. Reservations are necessary.

Ristorante la Torre

Via della Torre 1, 60026 NUMANA
0039 – 071 933 07 47

A chic fish restaurant in Numana that overlooks the beach and the harbor of Numana. The Adriatic Sea also shows itself from its most beautiful side here. The guests of Il Posto Perfetto who had lunch or dinner here, were very enthusiastic about the quality of the food and the beautiful view. A truly fantastic experience! Reservations are necessary to get a spot. Get into the right mood when you watch their website.

Hostaria L’Angolino sul mare

Lungomare G. Marconi 38, 60019 Senigallia
0039 – 333 567 06 00

This famous fish restaurant in Senigallia is highly recommended. Here you can enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the restaurant, but also the sea breeze, because it is located directly on the sandy beach. The food is great! Very tasty and refined. The theatrical and proud owner Vinicio can be recognized by his trendy designer glasses. He makes sure you don’t lack anything. The desserts from Vinicio’s wife Maria, are also very delicious. Reservations for lunch or dinner are necessary. It is best to park at the end of Via Zara in the free parking lot and walk from there to the beach. From here you can also go to the beautiful historic center, recommended to visit in the evening.

Ristorante trattoria La Moretta dal 1897

Piazza del Plebiscito 52, 60121 Ancona
0039 – 071 20 23 17

A nice restaurant with a cozy outdoor terrace and good food, in the middle of the historic center on Piazza del Plebiscito; the most beautiful square in Ancona with beautiful old buildings and plenty of other restaurants, but also bars. This is “the place to be” to get the right impression of Ancona. You can park in the Stamira parking garage. From there it is only a ten minute walk. Via the shopping street you arrive at this attractive square.