from the Netherlands to Italy

Do you want to stay a little longer?

... then come by car.

The distance from Eindhoven, for example
Santa Maria Nuova is 1,385 km.

You can drive there in 1 x,
but you can also opt for an interim overnight stay;
in for example Lucerne (700 km) or Como (900 km)

We always drive via Luxembourg, Strasbourg (France)
Basel, Lucerne (Switzerland) Como, Milan, Bologna, Ancona.

On the way back you can opt for a direct ride
home (with or without overnight stay)
or tie it up for a few more days along the way.

Do you want to arrive at our place well rested?

  ... then take the train.

From Düsseldorf to Verona (and back)

For example, you can leave on Friday morning and on Friday evening
arrive and then spend the night in Verona.
From there it is possible a car
to rent. The train ride is approximately 10.5 hours.

You can also leave Friday evening and Saturday afternoon
arrive and then immediately drive to us.  
From there it is possible to rent a car.
The train ride is approximately 15 hours.

The costs of a single train journey are approximately
100 euros per person (even in high season)

The distance from Verona to Santa Maria Nuova is 350 km;
that is of course easy to bridge.

With the train from Düsseldorf to Venice
(and back) is also possible. Very nice, such a stopover!
From Venice to us is around 360 km.

Want to book a train ride directly to Verona or Venice?
... then click on the link:
You can also book a bus or plane flight on this site.

Do you want to travel cheaply and quickly?

... then book a cheap flight!

About 2 hours of flying and then you are already there.
Then fifteen minutes by car to us.

How do you get a cheap flight to Ancona?
... book in time in any case!

A very fast and useful site is
On this site you can enter Ancona and the airport
where you come from; you can then next to the comparison
of various plane tickets o ok the prices of car rental
see from the airport and book directly.
You can also find hotels on the same site where you
you can spend the night on your booking date .

We can also pick you up / drop off yourself;
Santa Maria Nuova is only fifteen minutes from the airport
removed from Ancona. We then have a nice ride
inside by in store for you! ... then you see right away
what the beautiful rolling landscape of the Marche looks like.

Most flights to Ancona are from Eindhoven,
Düsseldorf and Brussels (Charleroi). You can also visit Rotterdam
or try Amsterdam. Everything depends on the offer
what is available at that moment; on Friday in the main season
there are often cheap direct flights from Brussels (Charleroi)
to Ancona. Very useful for specifically looking for that.
Of course you can also try other days.

If Ancona is busy or too expensive,
you see the same skyscannersite other
Italian airports. If you are going to compare considerably on this site,
you will always find something! Often there are on Saturdays in high season
cheap direct flights; ... provided you arrive on time.

- from Eindhoven to Pisa, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Venice.
- from Rotterdam to Pisa.
- from Amsterdam to Verona, Milan, Venice.
- from Düsseldorf to Pescara, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Venice.
- from Brussels to Perugia, Rome, Milan, Venice.

The distances to and from Santa Maria Nuova:
Perugia: 100 km, Rimini: 100 km, Pescara: 180 km,
Bologna: 200 km, Florence: 250 km, Rome: 265 km,
Verona: 350 km, Venice: 360 km, Pisa: 380 km,
Milan / Bergamo: 420 km

You can rent a (cheap) car at these airports.